For Earth month, the collaboration of Never Fade Factory, Global Fashion Exchange and Lablaco brings an altruistic vision of fashion for the next two months at the Never Fade store. And they are determined to reduce our fashion footprint on the planet.

Powered by blockchain to digitize as much as possible the fashion industry. It permits the tokenization and recirculation of fashion items in total transparency and traceability of information for the customers. On the app, users can connect, communicate and share opinion as well as fashion wearables.

Lablaco, Swapchain and Never Fade Factory are taking action in the support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2030, these leaders in circular fashion intend to reach the three goals set for 2020. Circularity is as essential as obvious, even more in the city that consumed more than 54bn GBP in fashion during the pandemic's lockdown of the same year. This collaboration as well as the Circular Fashion Summit take fashion a step further in the normalisation of circular practices in a collective sphere.

Sabrine Tabet
@cheesytab on ig

Published by @guapmag (Guap Magazine)

Mess Magazine (Berlin)

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