The motivation behind the creation of Never Fade has always been entrenched in a desire to have a positive social impact in our community and globally.

Over the last five years the flagship store in Soho has become a destination for chic sustainable fashion products, repurposed garments, customised fashion pieces, modern art and home furniture. As well as this, Never Fade Factory is playing a leading role in creating an NFT community in London for creatives to upskill their knowledge base about digital implements and how to commercialise their work through this decentralisation process.  

What we have formed here is quite a number of successful and knowledgeable people whether it be in digital technology, fashion or in image consulting who are very happy to pass on that expertise in any form. When collaborating with other people you enable an exchange of equity. This then facilitates a combination of knowledge and experience to form something stronger and more innovative.  That’s how we’ve generated revenue by being socially impactful and making things which served beyond just the fashion.


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