The motivation behind the creation of Never Fade has always been entrenched in a desire to have a social impact in our community and globally.

Our first Never Fade collection we pursued a message of “No One Is Illegal” in support of the global immigration refugee crises. Social awareness messages was the substance of our first collection and has defined our art - fashion integration since then. Our futurism concept space gradually morphed into an ecosystem of creatives in fashion, art and tech with a very diverse cultural background. And they genuinely wish to impact the universe in a positive way with their fresh ideas.

Our physical retail space is particularly designed to provide real benefit to anyone who enters with a willingness to engage with the art, clothing, jewellery as well as the designers and artists who are on hand to discuss their work and the concepts behind it. Those who find themselves unexpectedly pausing to watch a shirt being embroidered or a coat being painted represent far more to us than mere ‘consumers’. Their interest in what is going on and their willingness to discuss their ideas and opinions with our creatives can, we believe, be a source of incalculable mutual benefit. Storytelling and activism is what differentiates our space, as our community of creatives believe in positive and conscious creative processes rather than just creating purely for commercial consumerism. 

What we have achieved, and continue to achieve, is an ecosystem of creatives and professionals from all walks of life who combine their skills and knowledge to upskill each other, generating a positive social impact in the heart of Soho.


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