Since we started within a conceptual space in 2016 we made mental wellbeing a part of our storytelling.

Fashion and art or creativity in general are all outer expressions of our inner attitude and we feel wellbeing should be a part of the creative process.

Wellbeing also addresses the conversation around sustainability from its root as an inner satisfaction has a correlation with overconsumption.

Our Co-founder, Terence Eben’s, background in acupuncture and energy medicine has undoubtedly influenced an element of Never Fade Factory's ethos around positive health and wellbeing.

The mental and emotional wellbeing of our creative practioners, and every member of our community, matters enormously. We provide support through a range of programmes on subjects designed to lessen stress and anxiety, ultimately fostering their imaginative productivity. We also support their educational development, offering training in subjects such as web design, 3D design, coding and gaming. We are ready to embrace the technology that surrounds NFTs and the Metaverse, another sphere in which emerging artists can exercise their skills.

Never Fade Factory is a laboratory gestating all kinds of possibilities for the concept of the retail space and giving birth to a new future that brings people together to promote their creative passions and stand against the harmful effects of the endless pursuit of profit through consumer capitalism.


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